Douglas & Bloomberg provides crowdfunding services by raising money to fund a project or business venture through many individual donors using an online platform. In this world of group financing we focus on obtaining company shares through purchase, otherwise known as equity-based crowdfunding.

Our analysis has shown that the risks are low and the profits generated are higher than the average current bank rates. According to our statistics, interests may vary between 5%-12% of invested capital. This concept of group financing is quite simple; the investor holds a number of shares and at the end of the financial year a report is published based on profits generated. Depending on the number of shares held by the investor, he receives a profit on his or her investment in proportion to the number of shares held. The investor has the option to sell his or her share at any time.

Last year alone equity crowdfunding amounted to profits in the billions of dollars and this is projected only to increase. According to the World Bank, crowdfunding turnover will reach $90 billion by 2025. Names like Nokia, Google, YouTube and Sony promote and are involved in this channel of investment.
Our goal at Douglas & Bloomberg Crowdfunding is to help not only professional investors but also private individuals to increase their financial portfolio.