At Douglas & Bloomberg we have made crowdfunding our specialty/sole focus. When investing in larger companies the individual shares are often at a lower value due to the fact that there are so many investors/shareholders. We have specifically chosen to work with burgeoning companies in order to create a more comfortable and personal relationship between the client and the company.

Our research teams analyse the marketing potential of each company before including them in our portfolio in order to offer the most auspicious proposals. This analysis is then reviewed by lawyers, accountants, owners and relevant government administrations (finance, trade, patents, etc.) to ensure the success of all our incoming projects. Each project must then receive FSMA approval before making them available to potential clients.
Our objective at Douglas & Bloomberg Crowdfunding is to be partners in collaboration with our investors.  

Disclaimer: *All funds received throughout the duration of the project will not be transferred to the promoter until the goal is reached. This is how we guarantee protection of your investment.*