Douglas and Bloomberg was established in 2014 and we are located in Brussels, Belgium, the economic capital of Europe. While we have been involved in high-level finance business for 3 years, we have recently expanded to focus mainly on equity crowdfunding.

We currently have 4 projects available and we are continuously looking for new and innovative ventures to add to our portfolio. We will work with you to find the project or projects that are best suited to help you achieve exactly what you’re looking to gain.

We employ a team of financial analysts, commercial and international lawyers and product and marketing researchers to ensure that Douglas and Bloomberg bring you the most secure projects available.

We are registered with the FSMA (Financial Service and Markets Authority), the financial regulatory agency located in Brussels. In addition, we also have agreements with each of our project owners to ensure that our clients receive a high return on their yearly investment.
Our client care is very important to us. We are available five days a week to answer any questions that you may have and we will continuously stay in touch with you throughout the duration of your investment to keep you well-informed and to notify you of new opportunities.